F1 President Discusses Hamilton's Move To Ferrari And Identifies Potential Challenge

Sunday, 28 April 2024 at 14:00
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Stefano Domenicali, CEO and president of Formula One Group shared how he and F1 feel about Lewis Hamilton's move to Ferrari.
When the seven-time World Champion's exit from Mercedes to the team from Maranello was announced, it was labeled the biggest move of the century and one of the biggest moves in F1's history.
It was also suggested that this was some of the best news for F1, as the sport was said to be suffering from the dominance of a single driver and team.
There wasn't too much for the fans to look forward to, but almost everyone will now want to see the joining of forces between the most successful driver and F1 team of all time. Stefano Domenicali told Sky Sports F1:

"For us as Formula 1 it's incredible news. It's a new opportunity, a new chapter of Lewis' career, a new chapter also for Ferrari."

"These ingredients have taken us already into 2025, even if we are just at the beginning of the chapter of 2024. I think it will be an incredible story."

The F1 president himself has spent significant time working with Ferrari in the past, so he understands the Italian how it operates very well. He suggests this might be a challenge for the seven-time World Champion.

"Lewis needs to understand the mentality of Maranello and Italy and I'm sure that he's totally curious to understand that."

"On the other hand, when there is such an incredible personality coming into the team and in Ferrari, there will be a lot of focus on him."

Domenicallu added that another aspect to look forward to is the head-to-head battle between the 39-year-old driver and Charles Leclerc, who is well-established within the team and considered a future World Champion.

"Charles will take that as a new fire for him to push him to be even stronger so I think all the things are positive for the team."