Verstappen Shares Opinion On Feud Between Horner, Brown and Wolff

Friday, 10 May 2024 at 14:00
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Max Verstappen addressed the statements of Zak Brown and Toto Wolff, who hinted that more people are trying to leave the Red Bull Racing team after Adrian Newey.
The departure of Adrian Newey from Red Bull Racing, which was announced last week, suggests that the situation within the team isn't ideal.
It was rumored that the chief engineer had gotten enough of the internal conflicts and decided it was time for him to change the environment.
What is interesting, though, is that Zak Brown suggested there are more people who are trying to leave the team from Milton Keynes.
The CEO of McLaren specifically said he has been seeing an increased inflow of CVs from the Austrian team. This statement was later confirmed by the team principal of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, who said essentially the same thing.
The team principal of Red Bull, Christian Horner, dismissed these comments as normal movement between F1 teams. Max Verstappen reacted to the original statement made by Brown, saying:

"He obviously wants to stir things up. For us as a team we can't do anything with comments like that."

"From his point of view, I understand it of course, because everyone is trying to attract our people and that is completely normal in the world of Formula 1 as well. But I'm not really interested in those things either. I see the headlines, but I don't even click on them."

Red Bull failed to win the race right after the announced departure of Adrian Newey, and although it had nothing to do with him, many are suggesting Red Bull's position is weakening.
Former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher, for example, stated that the Austrian will now fall apart and "disappear into mediocrity," with Verstappen leaving later as well. Could the departure of a single person have such an immense impact on the whole team?