Horner Clarifies What Happens With Adrian Newey After Miami Grand Prix

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 at 20:00
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The principal of the Red Bull Racing team, Christian Horner, discussed what Adrian Newey will be doing after the 2024 Miami Grand Prix.
The Miami Grand Prix Sprint race is probably the last time we've seen Adrian Newey on Red Bull's pit wall and maybe even the last time we've seen him on the F1 pit wall overall.
The 65-year-old agreed with Red Bull he would depart the team at the start of next season. Until then, he still has one project to focus on, but it's unrelated to F1.
The British designer has been a huge part of Red Bull's RB17 project. RB17 will be Red Bull's first hypercar, and Newey's contribution is one of its main selling points.
The British designer's input was so significant in the development of the car that some people inside Red Bull refer to RB17 as "Newey's greatest hits."
This car is supposed to go on sale towards the end of 2024. Playing an essential role in the commercial success of the hypercar, it makes sense Newey has to stay with Red Bull for now. Horner told the media:

"Adrian's focus is very much now on the RB17. He's not sat in any briefings over the weekend, other than the race strategy. He has no access to any data, he's not drawing parts, and his focus is now on RB17 until the end of his [notice]."

Horner revealed Newey will still reveal some of Red Bull's races, but that will also be related only to the RB17 project and its customers.
Otherwise, the team principal expects the legendary car designer to take a break before making a decision to join another F1 team.

"He'll be at some races between now and the end of the year, primarily where we have RB17 customers. I think Adrian is going to take some time away from Formula 1 and, at 65, you can't blame him."

"I think he's earned that right. He's earned the right to take some time out. So what he chooses to do after that, it will be his choice."