Ferrari To Test Big Upgrades Tomorrow At Private Track In Fiorano

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 at 12:28
charles leclerc ferrari43
Scuderia Ferrari is set to test their new upgrade ahead of the upcoming seventh race weekend of the 2024 season at Imola Circuit.
Almost all of the F1 teams have already introduced some kind of major upgrade, and Ferrari is probably the only one that we are waiting for right now.
McLaren was one of the latest teams to introduce significant upgrades (during the previous Miami Grand Prix weekend). The Papaya team managed to make substantial progress as they beat Red Bull on a pure race pace.
Ferrari fans will be hoping for similar progress, and listening to interviews of Ferrari drivers and their team principal, everything suggests Scuderia expects a significant step forward in terms of performance.
However, they can never be sure if simulations and numbers on the computer screen actually translate into real life until they test upgrades on their car on track.
Private testing with current versions of cars has been forbidden for some time now, so how can they do it? Each team is permitted two 200km long filming days throughout the year.
F1 teams are very clever, and to make the most of these days, they use them not only for promotional activities but also for testing and adjusting their new upgrade packages. reports that the team from Maranello will have two filming days at their private circuit in Fiorano on Thursday, the 9th, and Friday, the 10th of May.
During these two days, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will have a proper go in upgraded versions of their SF24, which some even refer to as SF24 2.0.
The new package is reportedly supposed to include Red Bull-styled side pods, a new floor, a new front wing, and slimmer radiator openings. Leclerc previously said:

"It will be a very important upgrade. It will determine how the rest of our season plays out. I'm looking forward to that and I hope that we can take a big step forward."