Red Bull's CEO Hits Out At Wolff Amid Efforts To Lure Verstappen To Mercedes

Sunday, 05 May 2024 at 22:00
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Red Bull CEO Oliver Mintzlaff asserted that Toto Wolff's efforts to lure Max Verstappen aren't working and that the 52-year-old should focus on his other problems.
Toto Wolff has been open about his desire to have the triple World Champion drive for Mercedes as soon as next year. The team principal said he was in talks with the 26-year-old and was waiting for his decision.
Rumors emerging throughout the Miami Grand Prix race week suggested that the Flying Dutchman was supposed to meet with Mercedes leaders in Miami or Imola to discuss potential future collaboration.
It was also suggested that the triple World Champion could get paid as much as $150 million/year if he joined the German team.
Although Wolff told Reuters TV that all the speculations aren't 100% accurate, it is clear that he remains in pursuit of the Red Bull star driver.
What is also clear is that the leaders of the Austrian team have had enough of all the rumors and speculations. The CEO of Red Bull, Oliver Mintzlaff told Bild Am Sonntag:

"I understand the pressure that Toto Wolff and perhaps other teams have after years of being behind. But I think Toto Wolff should concentrate on his challenges. He has enough of those."

"And it also has something to do with respect. If I keep talking about the personnel of other teams, that's not right. Max still has a long-term contract here and hasn't said a word that he doesn't want to fulfill it."

Speaking to the media in Miami, Christian Horner ensured everyone that Max Verstappen is happy in Red Bull and that he plans to stay. Mintzlaff continued:

"I'm not at all worried that he's considering a move. Things just have to calm down again now. That's what Max wants – and that's what we want too."

Asked if there could be any reason that would prompt the triple World Champion to really consider a potential departure, the CEO added:

"No. At least I can't think of any. Max wants the fastest car. We have this. Max wants to become world champion. With us, he has the best chances."

"And Max is a loyal guy. He knows that Christian Horner and Helmut Marko have always placed their trust in him. He appreciates that. In addition, Red Bull is simply a great brand that he can extremely identify with. So there are many reasons for staying – and none against."