Red Bull Reportedly Makes Further Moves To Secure Albon's Services

by Adam OndrikFriday, 09 February 2024 at 16:00
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According to recent reports, Red Bull Racing has attempted further moves to secure Alex Albon for potential seasons 2026-2028.
Alex Albon is currently one of the "hottest properties" on the driver market, thanks to his amazing performances during the most recent season.
It is speculated that he might be one of the first options for both Mercedes and Red Bull team principals once they have a free seat after the end of the 2024 season.
According to, the initial rumors about the 3-year contract for the 27-year-old are inaccurate, but the team from Milton Keynes is apparently trying to secure a first option.

"While speculative reports Red Bull has offered Albon a multi-year contract from 2025 are believed to be inaccurate, has learned that Albon's former team is looking to secure a first option on the 27-year-old's services."

What is the first option? If Red Bull managed to secure a first option for Albon, it would mean the Austrian team would have the first say on potentially hiring the driver once his contract expires at the end of 2025.
This first option is apparently related to the three-year deal. So once Albon's contract expires, Red Bull could make the decision to give the three-year deal to the Williams driver but wouldn't be obligated to.
In that case, the other teams would be allowed to present their offers to the Thai driver. But would it make sense for the 27-year-old to sign such a deal?
First of all, if Albon signed the first option deal, it would limit his flexibility in negotiating with other teams. Second of all, even if Red Bull decided to take him, the team does not have to be as competitive as it is now.
A huge challenge is looming for Red Bull as F1 enters new regulations in 2026, and the team not only has to build a new car, but 2026 will also be the first time that Red Bull builds its own power units, and that might go wrong. What do you think? Should Albon sign this deal with Red Bull?