Leclerc Describes 'Special Relationship' With Sainz Amid Hamilton Replacement

by Adam OndrikFriday, 09 February 2024 at 14:00
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Charles Leclerc described his relationship with Carlos Sainz as "very special" ahead of their last season together as teammates.
Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have been teammates ever since 2021 when the Spanish driver came into Scuderia to replace departing Sebastian Vettel.
The two drivers have been quite equally matched for the most part, but at the beginning of this year, when it came to contract extensions, only Leclerc was signed beyond 2025.
Now that Ferrari has made a deal with the seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton, it is clear that 2024 will be Sainz's last season in the red driving.
How is the relationship between the two drivers after finding out it's their last season together as teammates? As reported by Dailymail, Leclerc said:

"We have a very special relationship. I mean, we are obviously friends outside the track as well. We are sharing good moments. We spend so much time. I mean, I see Carlos more than my own family because we've got 24 races now"

As the 26-year-old mentioned, the two still have one entire season ahead of them. Where will Sainz go after that? It will most probably depend on the results he can show.
The Spaniard has been heavily connected to Audi, but he would have to "sacrifice" one season driving for Stake during the transition period, throughout which he probably wouldn't even be able to compete for podiums.
There will also be some seats left in Red Bull and Mercedes, which is where Sainz would most likely prefer to go, as these are the teams with the highest chances of success.
Nevertheless, the 29-year-old still has one season ahead of him, driving alongside his friend, who is considered to be one of the best in F1 at the moment.
Sainz has beaten Leclerc in the past (2021), and if he managed to do so again in 2024, his position in the driver market would strengthen significantly. Are you looking forward to the last showdown between the two teammates?