RB Points Finger At Aston Martin And Haas To Justify Its Naming Decision

by Adam OndrikFriday, 09 February 2024 at 18:00
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The CEO of RB, Peter Bayer, explained the reasoning behind the full name of his team - VISA Cash App Rb.
RB is the new identity of the team that used to be known as AlphaTauri for the last four seasons in F1. The team has undergone a major rebrand, and the name has been a significant part of it.
The problem is, once the team's new name was announced, it met with a lot of criticism not only from fans but also from former F1 drivers like Giedo van der Garde.
Why did the team choose the name "Visa Cash App RB"? The CEO of the team, Peter Bayer, answered this question during today's launch of VCARB 01. As reported by RacingNews365, he said:

"We wanted to bring the bull and the RB back, and within the Red Bull family, there are the Flying Bulls, which is the plane collection Mr Mateschitz had, those are the Flying Bulls."

Apparently, it was just a random idea to name the team Racing Bulls based on the fact that Red Bull already has Flying Bulls. Bayer explained:

"And then somebody in the company said: 'Why don't we call these guys the Racing Bulls, so they have an identity on which they can build on when sponsors will change."

However, what is a bit confusing is that RB in the name does not stand for Racing Bulls; it apparently stands for Red Bull. As Peter Bayer said, "The RB really stands for Red Bull."
So from what the CEO suggest, we maybe should refer to the team as Racing Bulls even though it is not part of their official name. As to why the name is so long with all the sponsors, Bayer added:

"We were like: 'Okay, well, Visa Cash App RB Formula 1 Team' and I don't hear a lot of people calling Aston Martin, Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula 1 Team, I don't hear people talking about Moneygram Haas Formula 1 Team, so we just have to be realistic and focus on the content - and that is a really beautiful and fast car."