Gallery: All Angles Of RB's Freshly Revealed 2024 Challenger VCARB01

by Adam OndrikFriday, 09 February 2024 at 08:12
Updated at Friday, 09 February 2024 at 08:16
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Visa Cash App RB just unveiled its 2024 challenger during the launch event that took place in Las Vegas.
RB is the fifth team to unveil their new car. Previously, we have already seen cars of Haas (February 2nd), Williams (February 5th), Sauber/Stake (February 5th), and Alpine (February 7th).
RB has undergone a major rebrand ahead of the 2024 season. The team was previously known as Alphatauri from 2020 to 2023 or Toro Rosso from 2006 to 2019.
The team is owned by the same company as Red Bull Racing (which, as a matter of fact, has been brought up as a problem recently) and used to serve as a Junior team.
However, that is set to change this year. The Italy-based team has undergone a few changes recently: a change of new team principal, a change of name, and a change in their driver strategy- moving away from the junior focus.
The team made it clear they are entering a new era, and part of this is also new visuals. Along with Sauber, RB was among the two most anticipated launches because of the new livery.
The team started sharing sneak peeks of their new design on Instagram shortly before its launch, but now, we finally have the opportunity to see the new car in all its beauty. See the gallery below.

Gallery of new VCARB 01

What can we expect from RB in 2024?

The Italy-based team finished sixth and seventh in the Constructors' Championship in these seasons. The team was constantly hitting points in the top ten and even won with Pierre Gasly at Monza in 2020.
Alphatauri was getting close to these results, and it seems quite reasonable that they could achieve this target and maybe even do better. However, we must wait for the on-track comparison to draw accurate conclusions.