Lando Norris Asserts McLaren Will 'Get Win This Year'

Friday, 26 April 2024 at 19:30
norris lando mclaren imagozumawire
Lando Norris stated that after achieving second place during the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix, McLaren will win this year, although it won't be that simple.
McLaren's team principal, Andrea Stella, recently suggested that Lando Norris is a "championship material," and many experts would agree with him.
However, despite all his talent and speed, the 24-year-old driver still hasn't even stopped at the top of the podium. Unfortunately, Norris holds the record for the most podiums without a single victory (currently 15).
Nevertheless, the Papaya driver said ahead of the season that he believes his first win will come this year, and he still stands by what he said, as he told Sky Sports F1:

"I have already said it, I don't need any more confidence. There's more evidence [from China]. I said it at the beginning of the year that I think we can fight against Red Bull and we'll be able to get a win this year."

The problem is that McLaren's car is now third or second fastest, depending on the circuit and conditions. To achieve a victory, the British driver will need more factors playing into his cards.

"It's not going to come easy. I don't think it will come for a while, but right day, right time, good conditions, things which suit our car a little bit more - 100 per cent I have the faith in the team and I have the faith in my ability to be able to pull it off."

"But it does need to be right place, right time. I don't think on average we're close enough for the time being. But I want to believe."

McLaren is set to introduce new upgrades in one of the upcoming two race weekends, either in Miami or at Imola. The team will hope these upgrades will bring them much closer to the battle for the first place, just like they did last year.