Red Bull Takes Slight Dig At Hamilton And Mercedes With Social Media Post

Friday, 26 April 2024 at 09:00
hamilton lewis imagolaciperenyi
Red Bull Racing's social media team couldn't help but make a bit of fun of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton after the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix Sprint Race.
The mixed conditions for qualifying for the Sprint race didn't go well for the triple World Champion, who qualified "only" in fourth place.
Nevertheless, that didn't stop him in the following Sprint race, which he completely dominated and finished +13.043 seconds ahead of the second Lewis Hamilton (in just 19 laps around the Shanghai International Circuit).
The P2 was the best result of the season so far for the seven-time World Champion. He led the race for a couple of laps, but when he saw Max Verstappen in his mirrors, he didn't even try to defend.
Hamilton later explained that the pace difference between the 26-year-old's RB20 and his W15 was so significant that it didn't make sense for him to defend. Verstappen would get by inevitably, and he would only damage his tires and lose time.
After finishing the race in the top three, the 39-year-old got to park his Mercedes alongside the Dutchman's Red Bull. He didn't hesitate to take his chance to inspect some elements of the RB20 closely.
This moment was captured in a photo, and Red Bull Racing's social media team also didn't hesitate to use it in their next post with the caption, "RB20 already gaining admirers."
As opposed to Verstappen, who said this season feels even better for him than the previous one, Hamilton and Mercedes have been struggling quite a lot in 2024.
The German team lost two positions in the Championship and seems to have a problem with the unpredictability of their car, which is now only the fourth fastest.
What the seven-time World Champion has done (taking a closer look at the RB20) is nothing forbidden; the only thing he had to be careful of was not to touch the Red Bull.
However, the Mercedes driver would have learned from Verstappen's mistake after the 2021 Brazilian Grand Prix. The 26-year-old then touched the rear wing of Hamilton's Mercedes and was fined $50.000 for it.