Aston Martin Insiders Reportedly Believe Newey Is More Likely To Head To Ferrari

Friday, 26 April 2024 at 21:00
adrian newey redbull rbcp
Recent reports suggest chief technical officer Adrian Newey wants to leave Red Bull, and Aston Martin insiders reportedly say it won't be to their team.
Adrian Newey has been with Red Bull for almost 20 years. The 65-year-old achieved immense success with the team from Milton Keynes - 13 Championship titles (Drivers' and Constructors' combined).
However, it came to light yesterday, April 25th, that the Briton has had enough of what has been going on inside the team for the last couple of months (all the drama and power struggle) and wants out.
Newey is one of the most desired people in F1, if not the most desired. Even though he isn't a driver, his salary is said to be on a level with the best drivers on the grid.
The 65-year-old potentially has the knowledge to make any of the cars on the grid quicker, so all the teams would like to have him.
One problem is that his contract with Red Bull ends at the end of the 2025 season, and he might also have to go on one year of gardening leave (to ensure he doesn't take sensitive, up-to-date data with him) before he can join a different team.
But if he could leave the Austrian team now and join someone for 2025. Where would he go? Craig Slater told Sky Sports News:

"There's been speculation that Ferrari have tried to sign him, and also that Aston Martin were hoping to perhaps entice him to work there. That would certainly be an easier move in logistical terms for Newey because they are based at Silverstone."

Rumors from a couple of weeks ago suggested that Newey was presented with a very lucrative offer from Aston Martin during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix weekend. However, Slater says insiders from the British team claim Newey would be more interested in Ferrari.

"Ferrari have been trying for over 20 years to sign Adrian Newey and have been unsuccessful in that."

"But some insiders within Aston Martin have been explaining to me that they think if he goes somewhere else, it would be Ferrari potentially. So let's see."