Verstappen Will Advise His Child 'Not To Be Driver'

Friday, 26 April 2024 at 18:00
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In an interview following the 2024 Chinese Gran Prix, Max Verstappen suggested he would advise his child not to be a driver.
Triple World Champion Max Verstappen is already one of the best and most successful F1 drivers of all time. Some even crown him the best F1 driver ever.
It is quite common for children of successful sportsmen to try to replicate their parents' success, but they rarely succeed.
In F1, at least three drivers have managed to achieve or exceed the level of success of their fathers: Damon Hill (his father was Graham Hill), Nico Rosberg (Keke Rosberg), and, of course, Verstappen (son of Jos Verstappen).
The 26-year-old doesn't currently have a child, but if he had one, he suggested he wouldn't want to train him to become a driver like he is. He said:

"I'd advise them not to be a driver. Of course, if he or she wants to race, and I see the potential, I would go for it, like my dad did. But I would never actively push. You shouldn't push your kids into something you like. They need to come to you..."

People commonly assume the Flying Dutchman was pushed into racing by his father, but in a different interview (with, he explained that was totally not the case.
Apparently, it was young Max himself who was trying to persuade his mother and father to buy him a go-kart, and Verstappen Sr eventually said 'Okay,'
The triple World Champion believes the fact that it was he (who initiated everything) resulted in much more serious determination and love for the sport. He added:

"If you push your child into something, eventually they might not like it as much and maybe doesn't become determined enough to make it, and all the effort is for nothing."