Lance Stroll's Current Performance Not In Line With Aston Martin's Vision According To Jordan

Monday, 18 March 2024 at 13:30
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Eddie Jordan suggested Lance Stroll's current performance does not align with his father's long-term vision for Aston Martin.
Lance Stroll was terribly outperformed by his teammate Fernando Alonso during the most recent season. During the winter break, he had to rethink his approach, and before the 2024 season began, he stated he planned to "kick some butt" this year.
However, after the first two races of this season, the Canadian driver is standing 12th in the Championship, with only one point to his name. Eddie Jordan said on the Formula For Success podcast:

"Lance has had some amazingly good races. Baku comes to mind and various other places, but it's too seldom, it's not often enough."

The 25-year-old hasn't been able to break the trend of the previous season so far. As it stands, he lost two qualifying sessions and two races in the head-to-head battle with his teammate.

"Lance Stroll, he doesn't qualify well enough, maybe creeps into the top 10 If he's lucky, but Alonso was always quicker than him."

Lance's father, Lawrence Stroll, envisions making Aston Martin a Championship-winning team. So far, he has been taking all the right steps, and this is reflected in the British team's position in the Championship over the last few years.
However, drivers play a role in attracting the best engineers. Jordan suggests they need to see a strong and consistent driver pairing that can consistently deliver results to join the team.

"So, I'm at a confusion. How does Lawrence Stroll go out and get the best technical people worldwide and make his team into a consistent race-winning team?"

The 25-year-old's contract with Aston expires at the end of this season, but it is more or less expected that he will continue with the team as his father owns it. Still, the former F1 team owner asserts he must improve his performance soon.

"Either Lance has to move up a scale and really get himself together and continually finish on the podium, and then people will totally believe in what he's able to do, but at the moment, his results are not good enough. And I think he's going to have to think about this once and for all."