Horner Retains His Innocence With No Resolution To His Investigation After Friday Interview

by Adam OndrikSaturday, 10 February 2024 at 14:00
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Sky Sports presenter Craig Slater shared the news in relation to Christian Horner's investigation following the scheduled Friday hearing.
The Red Bull Racing F1 team principal, Christian Horner, is under investigation after a female member of the staff accused him of "inappropriate behavior."
It is something that the owner of the Red Bull Racing team, Red Bull GmpH, takes very seriously. The company appointed an external specialized lawyer who will carry out the investigation.
Yesterday, a questioning of all parties involved took place somewhere in London. F1 Insider first suggested that the decision about Horner's future would be made on the same day, but it seems we might have to wait for a longer period of time. Slater told Sky Sports:

"No resolution to this matter, which I wasn't expecting today. My understanding is this will be quite a long process. Still, Christian Horner continues to retain his innocence in all of this and wants to clear his name."

The timing is very unfortunate for the Red Bull as the team was supposed to launch their car in five days. Horner was most likely supposed to attend the event.
However, now it isn't clear whether we will see the 50-year-old at the launch of RB20. Former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde asserted Horner won't be present. Slater continued:

"My understanding is this will operate to the timescale, which the investigator says, not to a Formula 1 timescale."

This means it is very likely that the process will not be concluded before Red Bull's launch on February 15th. Moreover, the investigation might still be in process during the season's first race, which takes place on March 2nd.
As of the time this article was posted, it is unclear whether Horner will retain his position after the investigation is concluded. Some sources suggest he was already "friendly advised" to resign, but Horner denies all of the allegations against him.