Hamilton Already 'Dejected' With 'State Of Mercedes' According To Former F1 Team Owner

Saturday, 16 March 2024 at 18:15
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Eddie Jordan, the former owner of the Jordan Grand Prix F1 team, suggested that Lewis Hamilton seemed "dejected" about Mercedes's state.
The Mercedes F1 team has a tough two seasons behind them. While they missed the mark with their initial concept for the new regulations in 2022, they have shown an upward trajectory, finishing 3rd and then 2nd in the Championship last season.
Going into 2024, Mercedes promised a big change, which gave many fans hope. However, the first two races of the season have been quite underwhelming in terms of Silver Arrows' performance.
Lewis Hamilton finished the Bahrain Grand Prix in P7 and the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in P9. Speaking on the Formula for Success podcast (which we highly recommend), Eddie Jordan asserted that the seven-time World Champion seemed "dejected" with his team's state.

"Lewis, I think, is a bit dejected already with the state of Mercedes. Mercedes and Toto [Wolff], it's the same as last year, isn't it? It's started poorly."

The seven-time World Champion hoped for an improvement, but his current team seems further from the fight for podiums and race wins than last year.
On the one hand, the 39-year-old said he was much happier with the new version of the car. On the other hand, he said he didn't feel confident in the car during the race around Jeddah Corniche Circuit as he lost his rear quite often.
Another problem that Mercedes is now facing is their speed in high-speed corners. Toto Wolff admitted the simulations suggest their car should be faster, and for some reason, it isn't. Jordan added:

"It's very hard to catch up. When you've got somebody like Max [Verstappen] who has 51 points on the board, or something like that, already… I mean, it's just ridiculous. How is Mercedes going to compete?"

"The problem for all the other competitors is that other than Ferrari, I cannot see anyone making a serious challenge to this Red Bull team."