Hamilton Doesn't Have Qualities 'That Verstappen Has' According To Schumacher

Friday, 15 March 2024 at 12:00
Updated at Friday, 15 March 2024 at 12:02
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Former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher asserted Lewis Hamilton doesn't have two crucial qualities that Max Verstappen has.
With 197 podiums,  103 victories, 4647.5 career points, 104 pole positions, and 65 fastest laps, the seven-time World Champion is the most successful F1 driver of all time.
However, the Formula 1 community is constantly debating who the best driver is, and being the most successful doesn't necessarily mean that the 39-year-old is the best.
We can observe the two biggest groups among F1 fans on our social media. One claims that Hamilton is the best, and the other suggests he couldn't match Max Verstappen.
The triple World Champion also needs no introduction. At the age of 26, he has 100 podiums, 56 victories, 2637.5 career points, 34 pole positions, and 31 fastest laps, making him a valid candidate in the GOAT (greatest of all time) debate.
As we know, however, stats don't mean anything, and it is also incredibly challenging to compare the drivers of the present to the drivers of the past who raced under completely different conditions and rules.
On the other hand, this doesn't stop anyone from comparing the seven-time and triple World Champions who are on the grid in 2024.
Former F1 driver and Michael Schumacher's brother, Ralf Schumacher, recently compared the two drivers. He didn't suggest that one or the other is the best, but he highlighted Verstappen's two qualities that he believes Hamilton lacks. He told formel1.de:

"Hamilton is of course a seven-time World Champion and a fantastic driver. But I don't think he has the qualities that Verstappen has. I don't think he is as consistent as Verstappen. And he cannot get that extra tenth out at any cost."

Max Verstappen has shown incredible consistency throughout the most recent season. Out of the last 20 races, he has won 19. What do you think? Would Hamilton be able to do the same if he was in the Dutchman's place?