McLaren Reveals When To Expect Next 'Major Upgrade'

Saturday, 16 March 2024 at 16:45
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The McLaren team principal, Andrea Stella, revealed when his team plans to introduce upgrades to their 2024 Challenger.
After a very promising finish to the 2023 season, McLaren was off to a somewhat underwhelming start at Bahrain International Circuit during the first race of the season.
The Papaya team hoped to be the second-best team at the start of this season, but the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix showed that the team still needs to catch up with Ferrari and Red Bull.
Right now, the British team seems to be very closely matched with Mercedes and Aston Martin who complete the top five in the Championship.
Norris recently confided he was hoping for better progress in McLaren over the winter. Also, he mentioned his team has a lot of work ahead of them to tackle crucial areas.
The 24-year-old's team improved its performance during the second race of the season in Jeddah, but it still didn't come close to the top two teams.
Norris even finished the race behind Oliver Bearman on Ferrari, for whom the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was the first race in his career. However, it is important to mention that the Papaya driver went for a risky strategy, and it backfired.
Nevertheless, McLaren needs to upgrade its cars to compete for podiums and race wins. As reported, Andrea Stella said that his team would already bring some upgrades to the third and fourth races of the season.

"We have some minor things that will come for Australia and hopefully for Japan, but they will be [delivering] a few milliseconds."

The team principal clarified that we should expect too much from upgrades during the upcoming two races. But, he sees more potential in the "major" upgrade package, which is scheduled for the sixth or seventh round of the season - either in Miami or Imola.

"And then hopefully, within the first third of the season, we will have a major upgrade. It's going to be for around race six or seven."