Lawson Admits Frustration Amid No Set Timeline For F1 Future

Saturday, 16 March 2024 at 19:45
Updated at Saturday, 16 March 2024 at 20:21
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Liam Lawson recently admitted that he was frustrated by his current situation, as he's not driving for any F1 team at the moment.
Last year, the New Zealander driver impressed everyone with his performances when he jumped into Alphatauri to replace injured Daniel Ricciardo.
The team, which has since rebranded to RB, currently boasts a driver line-up consisting of the Australian and Yuki Tsunoda, with Lawson left as the team's reserve driver.
Recently, he sat down with Speedcafe to discuss his current situation and his future, which is very uncertain at the moment, as he doesn't know whether he will be offered a spot on the grid.

"Honestly, there’s no set timeline for my future. There’s nothing set in stone, obviously, with my future. Basically, for me, it’s about staying ready and hopefully we have some opportunity coming."

Although his last year's stint didn't give him a seat in one of the teams, it certainly gave him something that some of his current rivals for a seat may not have, confidence and experience.

"Obviously, it gives you confidence in yourself. Every driver, at this level anyway, has enough self-belief to be in Formula 1 – you have to have it even to come close."

Lawson now knows how it feels to drive a Formula One car, and he knows that the next time he jumps into one, he'll know exactly what to expect.

"But it’s different because obviously I always imagine what it would be to [like] drive in Formula 1. Now I know what it’s like. It’s a different perspective. I’ve had the smallest little taste of it, yeah, so it’s a different perspective. It definitely makes it more frustrating."

With a very large number of drivers having their contracts valid until the end of the 2024 F1 season, there is a chance that Lawson may be offered a seat, but nothing is certain on the driver market at the moment.