Mercedes Vows To Overcome Odds In Championship Pursuit Against Red Bull

by Adam OndrikSunday, 04 February 2024 at 04:00
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Toto Wolff admitted that the odds are stacked against Mercedes in the battle for the 2024 Championship with the dominant Red Bull in front.
Lewis Hamilton decided to leave Silver Arrows at the end of the season 2024. This means that Toto Wolff only has one more season to deliver on his promise to secure the 8th Championship for the 39-year-old.
While he has to look for replacement drivers to fill the seat in the Mercedes starting from season 2025, the Austrian team principal said his focus right now is on the upcoming season. As quoted by Mercedes's official website, he said:

"We have 2024 together [with Lewis], and we want to make it the most successful we can."

On the one hand, Wolff would like to see Hamilton get his eighth title with Mercedes. On the other hand, he admits chances are not very high before the first race of the season.

"Is it realistic that we are competing for the World Championship against Max in a Red Bull? If I'm looking at the probability, the odds are against us, but nevertheless, we will give it our best shot."

It is also inevitable to see discussions emerging in relation to Mercedes's competitiveness in upcoming seasons when their star driver is leaving for the rival team.
Nevertheless, the Mercedes team principal added that even without achieving his eighth title with the team, Hamilton will remain a very important part of Mercedes's history in F1.

"But it doesn't take anything away from the historic legacy that will always exist. This journey together will be in the history books as much as the next journey of a Mercedes driver."