'Number One Status' In Ferrari 'Might Be Possible' For Hamilton

by Adam OndrikSaturday, 03 February 2024 at 00:00
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Six-time Grand Prix Winner Ralf Schumacher suggested in a recent interview the number one status in Ferrari might be possible for Lewis Hamilton.
With RB transitioning to the UK, Lewis Hamilton decided to enter possibly the only truly Italian team on the grid. Joining a favorite driver of Italian fans who also happens to speak Italian is a "biggie," as Button called it.
What will be the dynamics between the two teammates and their team? Will there be a number one driver? Asked whether number one status was possible for Hamilton, Ralf Schumacher told Sky Sports:

"I don't know; first of all, I think a very important key factor is also Fred Vasseur. He knows him for a long time. And I think what he already did to the team."

Lewis Hamilton and Fred Vasseur have worked together in GP2 (currently known as F2), where they achieved a Championship title together before the British driver transitioned to F1.
The two are known for having a great relationship until today, and it was suggested that the Frenchman played a big role in convincing Hamilton to sign with Ferrari.

"Right now, I think Ferrari is more organized to the outside than it was before - less mistakes in pit stops and so on, so that's good."

During the last season, Ferrari claimed Leclerc and Sainz had equal status, and the strategy for the race was almost always determined based on qualifying results.
Maybe the new Ferrari duo will operate based on similar rules in 2025. Schumacher added that number one status might be possible for Hamilton, but he will probably have to work for it.

"And I think at the end of the day, the number one status might be possible, but I think you have to drive for that and be just faster than your teammate."