Verstappen Would Be Stupid To Leave Red Bull Because Of 'P*ssed' Father

Sunday, 12 May 2024 at 12:27
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Juan Pablo Montoya (former F1 driver) suggested Max Verstappen would be "stupid" to leave his team under current circumstances.
Max Verstappen has been rumored to be considering a change of teams. The Dutchman stated during the most recent race weekend in Miami that he plans to stay with Red Bull and that nothing changes for him even after Adrian Newey's departure.
However, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff keeps fueling speculations about the triple World Champion's potential exit, as his words suggest he still wasn't given a definite "no" by Verstappen.
Verstappen's situation has consequently been one of the biggest topics over the last few weeks, and many former F1 drivers shared their opinions.
They mostly agree, saying it doesn't seem to make sense for the 26-year-old to leave Red Bull now when he still has the fastest car on the grid. Juan Pablo Montoya also shares this view as he told RacingNews365:

"I really don't [see Verstappen leaving], I think he would be stupid if he did. Max has everybody talking: 'Oh, he is going to leave Red Bull,' and you go, 'Why would you leave Red Bull if they're winning everything?'"

"Unless you are not there for the right reason, you will leave, but if you are there for the right reason, you wouldn't touch it."

Montoya proposed a theory about the Dutchman's father, Jos Verstappen. He suggested it might be Verstappen Sr who is pushing his son towards an exit. Nevertheless, the seven-time Grand Prix winner emphasized it would be "crazy" for Max to leave.

"Maybe Jos [Verstappen] is pissed and wants to drive Max away, it could be, but honestly, he is in the right situation right now, and it would be crazy to go."

"With me, it was the same thing, I put myself where I felt I needed to be and was happy with the decisions I was making."