Marko Corrects His Previous Statement On Which Team Newey Is Most Likely To Join

Saturday, 11 May 2024 at 22:00
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In one of his most recent interviews, Helmut Marko shared what Adrian Newey's departure means for Red Bull and where he thinks the departing chief technical officer will go.
It's been almost two weeks since Red Bull announced the departure of their legendary car designer, Adrian Newey, and he still remains the center of many discussions.
When the announcement came out, Red Bull's motorsport advisor Helmut Marko wasn't quoted in his team's official press release. However, he shared how he felt about Newey's exit in a recent interview with OE24.

"Newey is a legend. He is the best F1 designer, and he was at his best when there were changes in the regulations because he always knew how to make the most of the new interpretations."

While Marko also emphasized the strength of Red Bull's technical team without Newey, he admitted that his departure would, in fact, be a significant loss for them.

"And with Newey, you have a figurehead. With him on board, it was much easier to attract young engineers because it was an honor for them to work with him."

"On the other hand, our technical team is very broadly set up with a mix of experienced people like Pierre Waché and younger ones. When there were problems, Newey was often one of the first to have a solution."

Asked if there is some truth to the rumors that suggest Marko could move to Mercedes together with max Verstappen and the chief technical officer Adrian Newey, he told OE24: "That's not current at all at the moment."
Newey himself suggested he needed a bit of rest, and Christian Horner also claimed he thought the 65-year-old might decide to retire soon. Marko, on the other hand, dismisses such an option.
When asked if he thought Newey would retire, he gave a short but clear answer: "No!" The 80-year-old also shared that he feared the car designer would be with their "rival team" for the regulation change in 2026.
Marko also clarified his previous statement about which team he believes the British designer is most likely to join: "It seems I was misunderstood there. I would rather bet on red."