'Not A Fan': Verstappen Comments On Rule That FIA Created Because Of Him

Saturday, 11 May 2024 at 14:00
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The triple World Champion Max Verstappen discussed the rule that "prevents" young talent from entering Formula 1.
Max Verstappen is the youngest driver ever to race in official F1 Grand Prix weekend. He was exactly 17 years and 166 days old when he entered his first race for Toro Rosso (now RB) in 2015.
Back then, many critics disputed the decision of Red Bull leaders and Toro Rosso's team principal, Franz Tost. Tost claimed it was immediately clear to him, even before the first race, that the Dutchman was a talent of the century.
However, others, including the FIA, didn't see it that way. Verstappen was at the pinnacle of motorsport before he was even eligible to drive a car alone in his home country.
FIA then later decided to change the rules so that only drivers at least 18 years old could enter the sport. Mercedes now has a young prospect, Andrea Kimi Antonelli, who they would probably like to put in Williams, but they had to ask for an exemption from the rule.
While it isn't yet clear whether this exemption will be granted to the German team and their prodigy, Verstappen shared his opinion on the situation, as he told RacingNews365:

"Yes, that rule has obviously come about because of me. But ultimately, it doesn't prevent what it's intended to."

"It's not specifically against him (Antonelli), but it can, in some cases, prevent talents from making it into Formula 1."

The triple World Champion has obviously come a long way since his first race, and we know where he is today. It all might have been completely different had he not been allowed to enter his first race. He added:

"Look, if someone is seventeen or eighteen and they have twenty points, but they are very fast. Why shouldn't they be allowed in Formula 1?"

"They first have to collect those 40 points. I'm not a fan of that whole system, but ultimately, the FIA must think it's okay. But I'd rather not have it."