Verstappen Suggests He Took Away 'Lot Of Things' From Austria As He Prepares For Next Race

Wednesday, 03 July 2024 at 18:00
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Previewing the 2024 British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen said there were many things to take away from the previous race weekend, both for his team and himself.
The 2024 Austrian Grand Prix (the race preceding the British Grand Prix) was a race that Max Verstappen could have easily won.
However, as we know, a series of events led to Lando Norris catching up with him, and their battles, which lasted multiple laps, finally resulted in a collision.
The Dutchman also consequently received a lot of heat in the media as he was predominantly blamed for causing the incident.
While his team could ultimately be happy with at least a P5 finish and an increase of lead in both Championships, Verstappen definitely wasn't. As reported by, he said ahead of the race weekend at Silverstone:

"Austria ended up not being the result that we were hoping for and there were a lot of things to take away from the race that myself and the Team can really analyse and work to improve on."

"There were some mistakes in the race that really cost us, however, we have to look at the good moments that we had throughout the weekend, including winning the Sprint and being on pole twice."

The 26-year-old driver revealed he and his team had conducted a thorough analysis of what went wrong. Red Bull Racing is bringing significant upgrades to the race at Silverstone, so Verstappen will be aiming for his eighth victory in 2024.

"We are analysing what we did right as well as what went wrong and it is the last race of a very busy triple header, so we want to come back fighting in Silverstone."

"This will be a special race, with a new customized livery on the car. We want to come back stronger and are ready for the weekend in Silverstone, especially as it is the Team's 20th year, which marks a celebration for us."