'Alarming' Aspect Of Verstappen's Actions Highlighted By Brundle

Tuesday, 02 July 2024 at 18:00
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Sky Sports commentator and former F1 driver Martin Brundle shared what disturbed him the most about the incident between Lando Norris and Max Verstappen.
Lando Norris and Max Verstappen had perhaps their first big incident during the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix, colliding on the entry into turn number 3 of the Red Bull Ring on lap 64/71.
The two drivers fought for victory for a couple of consecutive laps, and the battle intensified with every additional lap. Ultimately, it resulted in an incident that punctured wheels on both cars.
While Verstappen was able to replace his wheel and finish P5 (despite a 10-second penalty for being the one at fault), Norris had to retire his car and didn't score a single point.
Martin Brundle put the discussion about who was at fault for the incident itself aside and pointed out what followed, which is something that isn't discussed as much. He wrote in his column for Sky Sports.

"What I found alarming is that after the contact and as they were both limping along, Verstappen clearly tried to impede and collect Norris if he could."

After the contact, the triple World Champion was the slower one, and as Norris went to pass him on the straight, Verstappen crossed into his way and pushed him onto the grass.
Though some might say the Dutchman didn't see the 24-year-old or that he was making way for him by moving to the side, Brundle asserted he knew what he was doing. He continued:

"In commentary, and in these columns, I've waxed lyrical about Max's talent, and I stand by that, he's one of the very best I've ever witnessed in 40 years."

"I've also said that he's calmed down, matured, and plays more the percentage game with three championships in his pocket. But that appears to have been a thin veneer as this race was very much Max 1.0, with his default driving tactics and denials resurfacing."

Could the drama between Verstappen's father and Christian Horner have an influence?

The first big story of the weekend, which initially grabbed all the headlines but was later overshadowed, was the re-surfacing drama between Jos Verstappen (Max's father) and the team principal of Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner.
The feud between the two has been going on for a while, but the fact that it became public again meant that Verstappen Jr. had to address it and answer all the questions, which only steered his attention away from racing. Brundle wrote:

"I'm making no excuses for him, but I do wonder if the ridiculous spat between his father Jos and team boss Christian Horner has finally surfaced on track for him."

"And to hear the Red Bull team on the radio after the race telling him it was all Norris's fault was a difficult listen, it damages their credibility all round."