Verstappen Finds Support From Jordan Amid Criticism For Norris Incident

Tuesday, 02 July 2024 at 12:00
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Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan backed Max Verstappen's controversial defending, which led to an incident that put Lando Norris out of the race during the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix.
The 11th round of the 2024 season at Red Bull Ring saw an incredible battle between F1 drivers from McLaren- Lando Norris and Red Bull- Max Verstappen.
Unfortunately, this battle for the race win resulted in a DNF for Norris and a final P5 finish for the triple World Champion, who was able to continue in the race after changing a punctured tire.
Most experts and pundits agreed that the triple World Champion, his strange way of defending, where he changes direction under braking, and not leaving enough space for the McLaren driver were to blame.
However, former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan did not really agree with these assessments. Speaking on his Formula for Sucess podcast (with co-host David Coulthard), he said:

"Max is a fighter, he's a bear. And before you get in the ring with a bear, you have to make sure you're prepared for it, to go one side and the other side to then play this."

The 76-year-old also pointed out that the incident seemed like it could have easily been avoided if Norris had moved a bit to the left (there was space, but the McLaren driver had the right to maintain his line).

"The actual incident itself could have been so easily avoided. When you're defending, and in the lead, it's no different to the road rules that the person in front of you has the right of way."

"He has propelled himself to the front through qualifying, guile, or racing speed; he's leading the Grand Prix. The guy behind has to find a way around it."

The 26-year-old Red Bull Racing driver also refused to take the blame for the incident, suggesting it is easy to judge from the outside, but he knew what he was doing and that there was nothing wrong with it.