Verstappen 'Single-Handedly Saved F1' Watson Asserts

by Adam OndrikThursday, 18 January 2024 at 03:00
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AlphaTauri team manager Graham Watson suggested that Max Verstappen is the best thing that has happened to Formula 1.
Max Verstappen joined Formula One as the youngest driver ever at the age of 17. Many experts doubted Franz Tost's move to put such a young driver in an F1 car.
However, the Dutchman soon proved that his team pricnipal was right. His extraordinary talent, pace, and driving style grabbed the attention of many F1 fans. Graham Watson told

"Max is the best thing that has happened to Formula 1. When Max went from us to Red Bull, I compared it to Michael Schumacher’s move to Ferrari."

Verstappen was the young, upcoming, super-talented driver who seemed like the only one who could stand up to the reigning seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton. And he did...

"I think Max single-handedly saved Formula 1. Because he brings the same intensity and generates interest. People come en masse to Austria, Spa, actually everywhere for him."

Formula One was becoming a bit boring for many at the time, but Flying Dutchman made it interesting again. Many people started watching the sport because of the triple World Champion. Watson added:

"I didn’t even see that back in Schumacher’s time. My wife is 60 years old, but a big fan of Max. Because of his style, because of the excitement he creates on track. Max brings a whole new audience to Formula 1."

While the 26-year-old brings a whole new audience to the track, his dominance (and perfection) in the last two seasons started reminding many fans of Hamilton's era.
As a matter of fact, senior research analyst for Rosenblatt Securities, who covers Liberty Media, Barton Crockett, called the triple World Champion the "biggest risk to the business" of F1.
That is quite the opposite view of what AlphaTauri's team manager said. Which statement do you think is more accurate? Is Verstappen the best thing that happened to Formula 1, or is he the biggest risk to the business?