Steiner Chooses Verstappen With Norris For His Perfect Driver Line-Up

Sunday, 12 May 2024 at 22:00
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Guenther Steiner, former Haas team principal, revealed his ideal driver line-up, which includes Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.
Guenther Steiner was the team principal of the Haas F1 team from its inception until the end of 2023. After he departed from the team, he became a TV pundit and also the official ambassador for the latest Miami Grand Prix.
During the weekend at the Miami International Autodrome, the 59-year-old ex-team principal was asked which two drivers he would ideally pick if he were to start a new team. He told F1 Explains Podcast:

"I mean I would say Max [Verstappen], if I didn't say Max…exactly. I would pick Max and I would say, I would pick maybe Lando Norris."

Max Verstappen is an obvious choice for most people picking their teams. He won the last three Championships and keeps showing astonishing speed and consistency.
The 26-year-old proved he can deliver weekend after weekend if he's handed a competitive car. But what about Lando Norris?
The McLaren driver is considered one of the best drivers on the grid, and he won the first Grand Prix race of his career last weekend. But wouldn't it make sense to pick an experienced seven-time World Champion instead? Steiner explained his choice:

"He's very talented. He's now at the stage with McLaren where he's almost there but not completely there and I think he's hungry to make that last little step to get to the top completely."

"He’s got enough experience but he’s still got that real hunger to get there and he has got the talent, that’s the reason why."

Norris and Verstappen also get along very well. After the most recent race in Miami, the Dutchman said he was happy to lose to the McLaren driver, which only underlines their relationship. Do you agree with Steiner's choice? Or would you pick a different driver duo?