Newey's Supposed Role And Start Date At Ferrari Revealed

Monday, 13 May 2024 at 10:23
adrian newey redbull rbcp11
Although nothing has been officially confirmed, the Italian media seems convinced that Red Bull's chief technical officer will join Ferrari next year.
The future departure of Adrian Newey from Red Bull has been announced ahead of the 2024 Miami Grand Prix, with the Briton saying he wanted to take some time off.
However, even before the official announcement was released, the Austrian team's star designer was already being connected to Ferrari.
Newey admitted in the past that he would like to work with Ferrari, and he also revealed at the end of last year that the Italian team had tried to poach him three times before.
Moreover, the 65-year-old suggested he would love to work with Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso. Now that the seven-time World Champion will be joining Ferrari, it seems like the best time for the British engineer to do so as well.
It would be great if Newey could depart Red Bull right away, but he has an ongoing project with RB17 that he needs to finish. Consequently, he will work on that until his departure at the start of 2025.
Then, it is up to him to make the decision, but Italian Sky Sport believes that Newey has already made up his mind about what he's going to do.
So when will he join Ferrari, and what will be his role? The Italian news outlet suggests Newey's role will be "super consultant" and that he should start working in Maranello in April 2025.

"The official announcement is missing, but for Adrian Newey, all roads lead to Maranello. In Ferrari, he will have the role of super consultant starting from April 2025, with the possibility of working on the new project of the 2026 car and also possibly intervening in the race given that he will arrive when the season has just begun."