Schumacher Identifies 'Excellent' Overlooked Driver That Mercedes And Red Bull Might Want

Wednesday, 24 April 2024 at 18:00
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Former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher identified a driver who isn't talked about too much and might be a surprising pick for Red Bull or Mercedes.
Red Bull and Mercedes—two of the biggest teams with the highest potential of competing for the Championship in seasons to come—are currently searching for drivers for 2025.
Both teams have their priority choices. When it comes to Mercedes, it's the young super talent Andrea Kimi Antonelli, and when it comes to Red Bull, the Austrian team, the seat is Sergio Perez's to lose.
Both teams are also in talks with Carlos Sainz and a few other drivers. Sainz is the one who is talked about the most due to his performance and results since the start of the season.
However, Former F1 driver and Sky German pundit Ralf Schumacher asserted there is one driver who might also be an excellent fit for both teams and isn't talked about enough. He told Sky Sports as he discussed the situation on the driver market:

"We mustn't forget that there are two excellent drivers on the market at the moment and also a German-speaking one."

"For Nico Hulkenberg is not only available at Audi, but also at Mercedes or possibly Red Bull, as he is a very good friend of Max. Carlos Sainz [is also available], and Sebastian Vettel is at the back."

Nico Hulkenberg's performance isn't grabbing headlines as much as some other drivers' because he races for a team that is happy even with a P10 finish.
However, the German driver keeps proving his worth. He has delivered three-point finishes in the first five race weekends of the season, which helped Haas establish themselves as the seventh team in the Constructors' Championship.
The 36-year-old is one of the best qualifiers on the grid and certainly has enough experience to complete the duo in any of the abovementioned teams.
While he is heavily connected with Audi, partnering up with the German team like Mercedes might also be interesting for him. Red Bull, on the other hand, could offer him competing for podiums and race wins right away, which is something that Hulkenberg didn't have throughout his whole career. Where do you think the German Haas driver will end up in 2025?