'Sainz Is Faster': Danner Believes Ferrari Rushed Their Decision To Sign Hamilton

Sunday, 31 March 2024 at 19:30
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Former F1 driver Christian Danner suggested Ferrari may have rushed their decision to sign Lewis Hamilton too much, as Carlos Sainz now seems even stronger than his own teammate.
Despite not attending one of the three races this season, Carlos Sainz is now standing fourth in the Championship (40 points), only seven points behind his Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc in the second place (47 points).
There are still 21 Grand Prix weekends remaining in the season, but Sainz is currently leading the head-to-head battle with his teammate, which raises the question of whether Scuderia made the right decision to replace Sainz.
He will be replaced by the seven-time World Champion, for whom his past achievements speak enough. However, many fans point out that his present performances are not at all sufficient.
Hamilton hasn't beaten his teammate George Russell in any of the qualifying sessions or races so far. Christian Danner told MotorsportMagazin.com:

"If you want Hamilton, you've kept the wrong one because he [Sainz] is faster. But that's highly political. He [Frederic Vasseur] should have waited a little longer. It wasn't a necessity."

The fact still remains that Hamilton was the best-scoring non-Red Bull driver last season despite not having the second fastest car, and Danner warns he wouldn't jump to conclusions that Hamilton has now lost his speed all of a sudden.

"Lewis has really hit a rough patch with Mercedes. It's not like he's suddenly falling behind like Ricciardo. I wouldn't blame Lewis for stumbling at the moment."

On the other hand, the former F1 driver pointed out that Ferrari's decision to sign the seven-time World Champion instead of Sainz might have been a little rushed.

"But one thing is clear – Sainz in this kind of form – when he has Leclerc under control like this – you can say that he [Vasseur] perhaps made his decision too early."