Sainz Admits 'Frustrating' And 'Uncomfortable' Feelings Amid Uncertain Situation

Tuesday, 23 April 2024 at 21:30
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Scuderia Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz discussed how he feels after the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix amid uncertainty around his future in F1.
Carlos Sainz stated ahead of the 2024 season that he would like to have a contract in his hand before the first race begins so he can focus purely on racing.
At the time of that statement, he didn't yet know he would be replaced by Lewis Hamilton in Ferrari. According to his words, going into the sixth race weekend of the season, the Spaniard is in negotiations with all the team but still has not signed a contract.
Asked about how difficult this period of negotiations and uncertainty is for him, the 29-year-old driver said, as per Planet F1:

"I think, if it will be positive or negative, it will always depend on my performance. I think the good thing in this sport is that, if you perform well, normally things end up coming your way."

The good thing for the Spanish driver is that he has performed exceptionally well since the start of the season. After four attended race weekends, he has two podiums and one race win. However, he confessed that this period was quite challenging for him, mainly because of the uncertainty.

"It can be frustrating at times, I'm not going to lie. Going to bed some days without knowing what the future is going to bring, it's sometimes frustrating, and uncomfortable."

"Other times, it's exciting because there's news every day – honestly, there are new things every day that come to you."

In a recent appearance on the F1 Nation Podcast, Sainz's manager suggested he expects some movement in the driver market in the upcoming weeks, but he asserted we won't hear any announcement from Sainz's camp before the Miami Grand Prix weekend. The 29-year-old added:

"The good thing is managing to separate things – performing well on track and leaving the other stuff to my management team."