Perez Hints Contract Talks Are Almost Finalized Amid Rumors Of 1-year Deal

Wednesday, 22 May 2024 at 18:00
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Sergio Perez discussed his negotiations with Red Bull Racing during the most recent race weekend at Imola Circuit.
Sergio Perez's current contract with Red Bull expires at the end of this season. This means that the Mexican driver technically still has nowhere to drive next year unless he signs an extension.
Although Red Bull previously said that the 34-year-old driver was their priority and everything would depend on his performance, the team also had other alternatives.
Fortunately for Perez, the longer Red Bull wants to wait with the extension, the fewer options they have. Both Fernando Alonso and Alex Albon, for example, were rumored to be under consideration by the Austrian team, and both signed extensions with their current teams in the meantime.
There is also Daniel Ricciardo, but he is being outperformed by Yuki Tsunoda, and the Japanese driver, for some reason, doesn't come into consideration for the team from Milton Keynes.
The only remaining alternative is Carlos Sainz, but he also has other options. Helmut Marko previously said Red Bull' cannot match the offer that Sainz received from Audi.
All in all, it seems all roads lead to Perez, and the latest reports from Mexican Fox Sports suggest the Austrian team would like to offer Checo a one-year extension.
When asked about the current situation regarding the negotiations with his team, the Mexican driver hinted that the talks are moving forward and that he would like to share some positive news with the media very soon.

"Nothing's been signed, so everything is still open. But I believe very soon, I mean, we're getting into a very intense part of the season and I want to get it out of the way."

"We think it’s important that I focus on the racing side, so I hope sooner than later, everything can be finalised and we can share with you."