Official Grand Prix Start Times For 2024 Season Unveiled

by Adam OndrikThursday, 18 January 2024 at 17:00
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FIA revealed official Grand Prix times for every single weekend and qualifying times for most of the 24 weekends in the 2024 calendar.
As you probably know by now, the 2024 calendar is set to feature a record-breaking 24 Grand Prix weekend with 30 races in total (including sprint races).
There have never been more races in a season in the history of the sport. But F1 is growing, and as it expands, it wants to cover as many countries around the world as possible.
The 2023 calendar was also set to feature 24 race weekends, but in the end, the Chinese Grand Prix and the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix didn't take place.
What is important to point out is that only one Grand Prix race time will be changed compared to how it was scheduled for the 2023 season.
Miami Grand Prix will start at 20:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which is half an hour later than 2023 when it was scheduled for 19:30 GMT.
The upcoming season will test the stamina and resilience of every single person in the pit lane. There have been multiple complaints after the end of the most recent season for the calendar being too exhausting, but 2024 will be even more challenging.
The main point of heated discussions was the Las Vegas Grand Prix. If you look at the summary table below, the race in Las Vegas is the antepenultimate race of the season.
The problem is that everybody in the paddock will have to adjust to time changes, going from Sao Paulo to Sin City and then, without a break, going straight to Qatar (the toughest race of the 2023 season) with a massive time zone shift.
With the newly introduced F1 schedule presenting unprecedented challenges, it remains to be seen how teams and their drivers will be able to adapt.
DateGrand PrixQualifying(GMT)Race (GMT)
2 March🇧🇭 Bahrain16:0015:00
9 March🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia17:0017:00
24 March🇦🇺 Australia05:0004:00
7 April🇯🇵 Japan06:0005:00
21 April🇨🇳 ChinaTBA07:00
5 May🇺🇸 MiamiTBA20:00
19 May🇮🇹 Emilia-Romagna14:0013:00
26 May🇲🇨 Monaco14:0013:00
9 June🇨🇦 Canada20:0018:00
23 June🇪🇸 Spain14:0013:00
30 June🇦🇹 AustriaTBA13:00
7 July🇬🇧 Great Britain14:0014:00
21 July🇭🇺 Hungary14:0013:00
28 July🇧🇪 Belgium14:0013:00
25 August🇳🇱 Netherlands13:0013:00
1 September🇮🇹 Italy14:0013:00
15 September🇦🇿 Azerbaijan12:0011:00
22 September🇸🇬 Singapore13:0012:00
20 October🇺🇸 United StatesTBA19:00
27 October🇲🇽 Mexico21:0020:00
3 November🇧🇷 BrazilTBA17:00
23 November🇺🇸 Las VegasTBA06:00
1 December🇶🇦 QatarTBA17:00
8 December🇦🇪 Abu Dhabi14:0013:00