Official Complaint About Horners's Behavior Lodged With FIA

Saturday, 16 March 2024 at 22:45
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The female employee who accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior lodged an official complaint with the governing body of Formula 1, FIA.
Two weeks ago, the investigation into Christian Horner's inappropriate behavior, based on accusations by a female Red Bull employee, officially concluded.
Back then, Red Bull's statement read that the complainant had the right to appeal, even though the organization believed the investigation to be fair and rigorous.
In the meantime, the team principal's accuser was suspended on full pay. Racing Infinity learned that the reason for her suspension was that she was being "dishonest."
As BBC reported on Friday, March 15th, the employee wanted to appeal Red Bull's decision in the investigation. On March 16th, BBC Sport also reported that the woman had officially lodged a complaint about the team principal's behavior with FIA.
Reportedly, one such complaint was already made to the FIA ethics and compliance hotline on February 2nd (which is now one and a half months ago).
The FIA was apparently asked to investigate this case as it was feared that Red Bull might try to cover it up. According to the BBC, the second complaint was made on March 6th.
The second complaint also supposedly referenced the first one and warned that a "whistleblower would next inform the media," which has already happened.
The news agency also informed that a Red Bull spokesperson responded that his company was unaware of the complaint, and made no further comments. The governing body of F1 wrote in the statement saying:

"Enquiries and complaints are received and managed by the compliance officer, and the ethics committee where appropriate. Both bodies operate autonomously, guaranteeing strict confidentiality throughout the process."

"As a consequence, and in general, we are unable to confirm the receipt of any specific complaint, and it is unlikely that we will be able to provide further comments on the complaints that we may receive from any parties."