Norris Vocalizes High Esteem For His Teammate: 'Lot of Respect For Oscar'

by Adam OndrikSaturday, 20 January 2024 at 07:00
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Lando Norris named the biggest lessons that he learned from his new teammate Oscar Piastri in the 2023 season.
Lando Norris recently did an interview for his team's official website, where he discussed the lessons he learned from the previous season - 2023.
The 24-year-old discussed various topics, including the wider lessons his team obtained throughout the last year. When asked whether he was able to learn anything from his rookie teammate, Norris said:

"Oscar had an incredible season. Keeping calm and being yourself, it’s good to be reminded of that."

Piastri has been in F1 for only one season, but he quite quickly became known for always maintaining his composure and staying calm in all situations.

"I think he's been very, very good at dealing with pressure, better than I feel like I remember I was when I started, but I think that’s because everyone's very different with all of this - dealing with pressure and remaining calm and chilled."

On the one hand, the Australian had less pressure on his shoulders because nobody expected him to beat Norris in his first season. On the other hand, the Australian driver suggested the comparison was always there. Norris continued:

"I think that is something that I've gotten a lot better with over the years – I know how to deal with all of these things much better myself now."

Norris has had quite a different way of dealing with the pressure that comes with racing in Formula 1 but he added he has a lot of respect for how his rookie teammate handled the situation.

"I have a lot of respect for Oscar in how he was able to stay so calm in a new environment, in Formula 1, on the big stage."

McLaren's CEO recently revealed that the cars that Norris and Piastri will drive in Bahrain are already finished. Do you think the two drivers will get the chance to compete for podiums again in 2024?