Norris Excited For New Season With McLaren 'Finally On Right Track'

by Adam OndrikFriday, 19 January 2024 at 11:00
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Lando Norris stated he is excited for the upcoming 2024 season with his team "finally on the right track" after a few years of struggles.
The team certainly has been in the best place in 2023, at least ever since the 24-year-old joined in 2019. Seven podiums, six of which were second-place finishes, are tangible proof. When asked what the wider team had learned from last season, Norris told McLaren:

"We're on the right track. We've learned so [much] really over the last four, five, six months. So the progress we've made, we’ve learned a lot."

The papaya team has been joined by two new key hires starting from the beginning of the year 2024. While there wasn't too much time for Rob Marshall and David Sanchez to make significant changes, Norris suggested the two already shared some critical knowhow:

"We have some new hirings coming in, and although not everything that they can bring to us will be on the car straight away, there are some things that we already know now."

Last season didn't start well at all for the number four driver and his team. However, everything suggests McLaren will be one of the top four teams at the beginning of 2024, and that is a much better position to move forward from.
Red Bull is expected to start ahead of everybody. Mercedes and Ferrari promised significant changes, but only time will tell whether that will bring fruit to them in terms of performance. Realistically, it is quite possible McLaren could be even the second-best team at the start of the year. Norris added:

"I'm excited because we're finally on the right track, and we know in which direction to push, and I just want to start the season off well. If we can start well in Bahrain, I’ll be much more excited."