Newey Admits For First Time Publicly That His Business In F1 Might Not Be Finished

Thursday, 16 May 2024 at 18:00
adrian newey redbull rbcp13
In a recent interview, Adrian Newey (Red Bull's former chief technical officer) discussed his retirement and suggested he "probably" will return after a small break.
Red Bull lost one of its most valuable members at the start of May when Adrian Newey officially resigned and decided he no longer wanted to work with the Austrian team.
Speculations about the 65-year-old potentially joining a different team emerged almost instantly. Of the nine remaining teams, Ferrari seems like a dream destination for the British car designer.
Although the Italian media claimed his deal with Ferrari was more or less done, up until this point in time, Newey only talked about being tired and wanting to take a break. In an interview for Oyster Yachts, he said:

"I think the easiest way to answer that is if you'd asked me 15 years ago, at the age of 65, would I seriously be considering changing teams, going somewhere else, and doing another four, five years or whatever, I'd have said, 'You're absolutely mad.'"

Just last year, Newey claimed he wouldn't want to be still involved in F1 once he turns 70. However, it seems his opinion is starting to shift.

"I've wanted to work in motor racing as a designer since I was the age of eight or ten. I've been lucky enough to fulfil that ambition, to have got that first job and be in motor racing ever since. Every day has just been a bonus. I just love what I do."

It's not a coincidence Newey did an interview for Oyster Yachts. Red Bull's former chief designer purchased a yacht from Oyster not too long ago, and he will most likely want to enjoy it for a bit before returning to the intense F1 schedule.

"I'll have a bit of a holiday. As Forrest Gump said at the end of his long run, I feel a bit tired at the moment. But at some point I'll probably go again."

Could Newey really complete the dream team (the most successful driver- Hamilton, car designer- Newey, and team- Scuderia in the history of F1) at Ferrari? At this moment, nothing has been confirmed, but it is starting to look increasingly likely.