More Confusion: 'RB' In Visa Cash App RB's Name Does Not Stand For 'Racing Bulls'

by Adam OndrikThursday, 25 January 2024 at 21:00
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According to recent news, RB in the name of Visa Cash App RB (formerly AlphaTauri) does not stand for 'Racing Bulls' as initially suggested.
It was known for a while that the AlphaTauri team would be changing its direction after the 2023 season and would undergo a major rebrand. However, the team kept their new name secret until this week.
A bit earlier in the winter break, it was exposed that Red Bull GmbH (owner of AlpaTauri) trademarked the name and logo 'Racing Bulls,' and so it was suggested that could be the team's new identity.
Two days ago, the team, formerly known as AlphaTauri, officially announced its new name - Visa Cash App RB. It was then assumed the RB stands for Racing Bulls, but recent news dismisses this suggestion.
According to, the RB in the team's name stands for neither Racing Bulls nor any other word. It is rather a way of bringing the branding of the team closer to Red Bull Racing - its sister team.

"A representative of the team, which competed as AlphaTauri last year, confirmed to RaceFans the initials 'RB' in its new name does not stand for 'Racing Bulls' or another phrase."

The problem is that even though it was meant to bring the branding closer to Red Bull, it might have gone too far to the stage where it gets confusing.
"RB" is short for Red Bull, and the Red Bull Racing team actually uses this shortcut in various aspects like naming conventions of their cars - RB19 (2023 car) or RB20 (2024 car).
So would people call the new team "RB"? That is unclear at this point, as it is simply a matter of what phrase catches on. It was also suggested the team was internally being referred to as "V-CARB."
VCARB is an acronym for Visa Cash App RB. This is just another potential name that might or might not catch on. How will you refer to the new team?