'Lot Of Hair Pulling And Tearing': Schumacher On Loss Of His F1 Seat

by Adam OndrikSunday, 21 January 2024 at 09:00
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In a recent interview, former F1 driver Mick Schumacher reflected on the loss of his seat in Formula One, saying there is more to it than people can see.
Mick Schumacher competed in Formula One for two seasons in 2020 and 2021 when he raced for the Haas F1 team - which recently had a change of team pricnipal.
Unfortunately for the German driver, Haas was one of the least competitive teams, and driving at the back of the grid made it really challenging for him to show his talent.
Consequently, the 24-year-old found himself without a seat in F1 for the season 2024 and was only set on the sidelines as a Mercedes reserve driver.
Schumacher was asked in a recent interview about how he was processing the loss of his seat, as he didn't seem to hold a grudge. According to Formula 1, he said:

"I mean, it does include a lot of hair pulling and tearing, and I feel like you don’t really see that. Obviously, this is the first media table that I’ve done this year [and] that shows a lot and says a lot in that sense, but F1 has always been a dream and it will always remain the dream."

With one year out of the sport, the German driver's chances for a return are becoming smaller and smaller. No seats in F1 are emptying, and a couple of very talented and young F2 Champions are waiting for their opportunity.
The Mercedes reserve driver recently signed a deal with Alpine's endurance team to compete for them in the 2024 World Endurance Championship while retaining his status as a reserve driver in Mercedes. He added:

"Again, there is no reason to stay here, not race, fall behind everybody… I would rather go out there, find something to race and develop my skills. In the end, if that leads to no way back into F1 but leads to another career, then I am happy to do that."