Lewis Hamilton Rates Ferrari Movie: 'This Could Be Done Better? Of Course'

Wednesday, 03 April 2024 at 12:30
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The seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton shared his opinion on the Ferrari movie that came out in 2023.
Lewis Hamilton is a big movie fan. The seven-time World Champion even owns a production company called Dawn Apollo Films.
In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, he discussed multiple topics, including movies. Apparently, the 39-year-old likes to watch racing movies, as he said he watches "all of them."
In recent years, there have been multiple great racing movies, such as Ford vs Ferrari, Rush, and Ferrari. The latest one came out in 2023 and depicted the personal and professional struggles of the founder of the team from Maranello, Enzo Ferrari.
The movie also included many shots of old cars racing. The seven-time World Champion emphasized he appreciates the effort that goes into producing such a thing and that he doesn't like to "be someone to dog anything." But when pressed to rate the movie, the British driver said he loved it.

"I loved it. One, because Ferrari is Ferrari. And envisioning when they arrive at the factory, seeing some of the history. The racing was nuts back then. The cars were so dangerous."

You might have heard that Hamilton and his production company are in the middle of shooting the highly anticipated Apex F1 Movie featuring stars like Brad Pitt and revolutionary methods of capturing shots.
Having experience and knowing how his movie was going to be shot, the seven-time World Champion suggested he believed some things about the Ferrari movie could have been done better.

"Could I look at it and say, This could be done better? Of course. Capturing racing is really, really difficult, and I don't think anyone's been able to really capture it in a way that brings the adrenaline you have as a racing driver."

"But I think it's one of the best they've done. If you look at the old movies, with [Steve] McQueen, the big camera on the helmet and the guy lying on the front of the car to capture the shot? (laughs) You should see some of the cameras that Joe is able to use. He's a visionary.

Asked whether he wants to blow all the previous racing movies out of the water with Apex, Hamilton responded: "I don’t feel competitive with these movies. But I guess we probably will be."