Ferrari 'Almost' With 'Better Chance' Than Red Bull To Win Constructors' Championship

Wednesday, 03 April 2024 at 14:00
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Former F1 driver Rene Arnoux suggested Ferrari might have a better chance of winning the Constructors' Championship than Red Bull with Sergio Perez.
Despite one DNF during the latest race of the season, Red Bull leads the Constructors' Championship by four points over the team from Maranello.
This highlights how Red Bull created the lead in only two races before the Australian Grand Prix. However, it also highlights how Ferrari maximizes its chances of profiting from the Austrian team's mistakes.
In Melbourne, the Italian team took home maximum points for scoring one-two, as well as the fastest lap of the race. But, Arnoux suggests the tense situation inside the team might have influenced Red Bull's performance. He told La Gazzetta dello Sport:

"First of all, I hope that this story of sex and intrigue at Red Bull is over: I want to see a real duel; I'm not interested in seeing Ferrari win because of that sort of thing."

On the other hand, the Frenchman likes how Ferrari has been getting closer to the team from Milton Keynes ever since the middle of the last season.
Scuderia has slowly been closing the gap to Red Bull to the point where the Austrian team still has the advantage at some events, but at others like Australia, Ferrari can be a real threat.

“On the contrary, I like the fact that for a while now, at every race, [Ferrari] has almost always managed to take a few tenths off the pace."

I hope it can play for the Constructors’, that’s for sure, also because it’s not like Perez is exactly at a very high level.

Arnoux previously suggested Red Bull has only one car in front as Perez "often disappears." The 75-year-old seems to think that Red Bull having Perez as the second driver might allow Ferrari to take advantage of the situation, as he added:

“In fact, I’d say that if he doesn’t cause any major trouble, Ferrari almost has a better chance than Red Bull."