'It's Max Who Wins Races, Not Red Bull': Wolff Gives Massive Praise To Verstappen

Thursday, 27 June 2024 at 18:00
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Max Verstappen has been the fastest driver in F1 for the past few seasons, and Toto Wolff clearly stated that currently, it's all his doing and not his car's.
While the Dutch driver has dominated the sport for the past few seasons, many fans believed Verstappen's Red Bull made him win races so easily. Times change, and at the moment, Red Bull isn't anywhere close to being a dominant car.
On some tracks, they may not even be the fastest car, as even Lando Norris felt in Barcelona that McLaren had the quickest package, even though he finished second.
It seems that Mercedes team principal Wolff agrees that Verstappen currently doesn't have the fastest car but still manages to make the difference. The Austrian spoke about their rivals after the most recent race, according to formu1a.uno, mentioning mostly Norris and Verstappen, as they have been above the rest in most recent races.

"It’s a solid result. It’s the second time we’re on the podium. The car has improved, but you can see that it’s still a few tenths away from catching Norris and Verstappen. For us today, it was impossible to fight with them."

Looking ahead, the 52-year-old doesn't expect the two fastest drivers, Verstappen and Norris, to struggle on any circuits. Therefore, the Mercedes team will need to bring a strong package to one of the races, and while Wolff doesn't feel confident about their chances in Austria, he feels that they could do well at the British Grand Prix.

"I think Norris and Verstappen have been and will be fast on all circuits. Austria historically hasn’t gone well for us, I don’t know how it will go this year. But Silverstone is certainly a fast circuit that we know well where the car has always worked well."

When discussing their rivals further, the Mercedes team principal heaped massive praise on Verstappen, who, according to his words, wins the races, not his car, as Sergio Perez's results prove.

"I think it’s Max who wins the races and not Red Bull. The RB20 is solid, but Perez isn’t doing well. It’s Max who makes all the difference."