'Thank God' Norris Can't Do What Verstappen Can Says Marko

Wednesday, 26 June 2024 at 14:00
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In his column following the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix, Helmut Marko suggested Lando Norris still cannot do what Max Verstappen can.
The most recent race in Barcelona was bittersweet for the Red Bull Racing F1 team, which ultimately scored the victory, but with one underlying unsatisfying conclusion from the weekend.
The conclusion was that Red Bull not only doesn't have the advantage they expected to have, but the Austrian team now seems to be slower than McLaren.
The team from Milton Keynes also struggles with setting up their car. As Helmut Marko said, they needed all three practice sessions in Barcelona to finally get hold of the right setup.
The problem is that during the upcoming sprint race weekend at Red Bull Ring, there will only be one practice session before the sprint qualifying. Marko wrote in his column for Speedweek.com:

"Another challenge awaits us in Spielberg. Max always has a chance of winning, but we will be racing there in a sprint format weekend, and that means we only have one session to set up the car."

"Recently, however, we have always needed all three practice sessions to get the car somewhat balanced, and if this problem persists, it could make life difficult for us."

During the last five race weekends, McLaren proved to be the most versatile car, performing at every single track. Marko also expects the Papaya team to be strong in Austria. However, he remains confident in Max Verstappen's ability to outperform Lando Norris.

"And last year, McLaren was resurrected at the Red Bull Ring. They brought their upgrade there, and from then on, they were fast."

"However, Max drives practically error-free, which Lando can't do yet, thank God, but he remains our main competitor."

Lando Norris had a fast enough car to beat the triple World Champion both in Canada and Barcelona, and he was deeply disappointed he didn't manage to do so.
However, the 24-year-old might become a real threat in the battle for the Championship. Marko now prays that Mercedes steps up to the level of Red Bull and McLaren, so they all steal points away from each other. This would make it easier for Verstappen and Red Bull to maintain lead in both Championships.

"So I hope that Mercedes will get stronger and be the second strongest force for a while, that would certainly help us with a view to the World Championship."