Hamilton Could Have 'Difficulty Keeping Up With Leclerc' According To Briatore

Wednesday, 13 March 2024 at 16:30
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Former F1 team manager Flavio Briatore asserted Lewis Hamilton wouldn't do better in Ferrari than Charles Leclerc in the current situation.
Lewis Hamilton will be moving to Ferrari after the end of the 2024 season. It is a big step into the unknown for the seven-time World Champion to join Charles Leclerc in the Italian team.
The Monegasque driver is very well established within Scuderia. He has been through five seasons with Ferrari and is familiar with everyone, but more importantly, he is also super fast.
Hamilton and the 26-year-old will possibly form the strongest driver pairing on the grid in 2025. While it is still far away, many people have already debated which driver will come out on top.
Former F1 driver David Coulthard said he believes the 39-year-old will find "one of his biggest challengers" in Charles Leclerc.
The Monegasque driver is said to be possibly the fastest on the grid when it comes to one-lap performances. He keeps confirming it during the 2024 season so far, as he recorded his seventh consecutive front-row start at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.
The general notion is that Leclerc could have an advantage in qualifying, but Hamilton, on the contrary, could have the upper hand in the overall race pace.
However, Flavio Briatore suggested that the 39-year-old couldn't do much better than Leclerc if he were in Ferrari in 2024. He said in an interview with the Italian broadcaster Rai 1:

"If he were already at Ferrari today, he would do the same things as Leclerc, who is a fast driver."

The former F1 team manager suggested that the seven-time World Champion needs the dominant car. Otherwise, he just won't put in as much effort, and he will struggle.

"The Monegasque is underrated, Hamilton will struggle to stay ahead of him. Drivers like Hamilton don't put much effort into it if the car isn't competitive."