Alonso As Replacement For Hamilton In Mercedes 'Would Be Great'

by Adam OndrikTuesday, 06 February 2024 at 02:00
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Jacques Villeneuve asserted Fernando Alonso would be a "great" substitute to fill the empty seat that Lewis Hamilton will leave in Mercedes at the end of 2024.
It is still hard to process, but at the end of the season in 2024, Lewis Hamilton will leave Mercedes to join the only truly Italian team on the grid: Scuderia Ferrari.
But then, what happens with his seat in Mercedes? We might soon find the answer, even though Toto Wolff asserted he would take his time before deciding on the next driver.
According to rumors, Mercedes is prepared to offer their next driver a two-year contract. The German team is one of the most lucrative on the grid, so many drivers will be interested.
However, Silver Arrows will need an experienced driver who has already proven he has what it takes. Jacques Villeneuve asserted Fernando Alonso is the man as he told Gazzetta dello Sport:

"Alonso would be great. Also, because you can’t put another young player with Russell. Not at Mercedes."

Alonso is the oldest driver on the grid at the moment. In 2024, he will turn 43, but last year, he showed age is not an issue for him as he drove the wheels off his Aston Martin and amassed eight podiums for the British team.
Moreover, there are currently only three World Championship-winning drivers on the grid, and he is one of them. Alonso has the speed, motivation, and experience, all of which would be valuable for the team.
The fact that he might soon retire could even suit Mercedes, which might be looking to bring in their young superstar Kimi Antonelli about three years from now. Villeneuve added:

"Toto will have the same ideas as him. He’s like Briatore: he has his own drivers, first he places them around, and then if necessary he brings them into the team."