Team Principal Confirms Sauber Will Change Names From Race To Race

by Adam OndrikWednesday, 07 February 2024 at 02:00
c44 car launch stake4
The team representative of the Sauber / Stake F1 team, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, confirmed his team will be changing names from country to country.
After its collaboration with Alfa Romeo ended, Sauber decided to make a brave move and allowed to take over its naming rights.
The team was rebranded as it entered a new era, and its new name is the Stake F1 team. However, as we suggested in the past, there might be a problem with this name. is an online casino that allows users to bet on sports. The problem is that some countries hosting F1 Grand Prix races prohibit gambling advertising.
Carrying a gambling company's name would break these laws. Therefore, it was suggested Sauber would not be able to run under the name of the Stake F1 team during all of the season's races.
The Stake F1 team just unveiled C44 (their 2024 challenger) on Monday. After the launch event, Alessandro Alunni Bravi addressed the naming issue. According to, he said:

As you know, last year we alternated two different names according to the different countries where we go racing. We will be fully complying with all the local applicable laws and where Stake is prohibited, so gambling advertising is prohibited, we will use a different name.

Sauber will run under the name "Stake F1 Team" during the majority of the races, but in countries where gambling advertising is prohibited, the team will use the name of Stake-owned online streaming platform - Kick.
The team's representative explained his team will use the name "Kick Sauber," which is also the name the Swiss-based team uses for their chassis.

"As last year, we have Kick as one of our most important partners – our chassis name is a Kick Sauber – so where we are not going to race as Stake F1 Team, we will use a second team name."