Alpine Chose 'Aggressive' Approach In Design Of Their 2024 Car

by Adam OndrikWednesday, 07 February 2024 at 20:00
a524 alpine car 6
Alpine's technical director, Matt Harman, described his team's approach to the design of A524, their 2024 challenger, during today's launch event.
Matt Harman promised a completely new car "from front to back" when he talked about the upcoming changes a while ago, and now it has finally been revealed.
The French team just officially launched their 2024 challenger. Similar to Sauber's launch, where James Key pointed out areas of the most significant progress on C44, Alpine had its technical director walk us through some exciting changes on their car. He said during the launch:

"The A524 approach has been aggressive but deliberate in the fact we are creating a wider scope to add performance to the car. We have really focused on learning and reacting to what we have learnt rather than on results."

It was earlier explained that Alpine would be changing their car because the team needed to unlock some more real estate, and that's exactly what the team has done.

"The project has been bold where we have focused on realizing concepts, which we aim to add to the car. We’ve built ourselves a strong platform to add performance when we can, and we have set ourselves targets to deliver those."

Red Bull is the most dominant team on the grid, and Christian Horner, with Adrian Newey, suggested they expect all the other teams' cars to start resembling their RB19 more and more.
Harman has stated in the past that his team understands Red Bull's concept. However, his team has bigger ambitions than just copying and following the best team because that isn't the way to beat them. The technical director added:

"We have pushed some elements to the limit and, in some cases, beyond that. That is all in line with our approach and exactly what we have set out to achieve in progressing this project to the best possible level."