Gallery: All Angles Of Alpine's Newly Released A524 - 2024 Challenger

by Adam OndrikWednesday, 07 February 2024 at 16:33
a524 alpine car 9
Alpine Formula 1 team just released A524 - their 2024 challenger. See the car from all the angles below.
Following the recent launches of Haas on February 3rd and Willams with Stake on February 5th, Alpine is the fourth team to reveal its car for the upcoming season.
Although the French team used pink camo livery in multiple of their social media posts, when it came to the unveiling of A524, there was no camo pink to be seen.
This left many fans who expected the pink camo car (and looked forward to it) confused, and it was all because of posts like these:
In the end, the team decided to follow their traditional colorway using the exact same color shades, though with much more exposed carbon fiber this time around.
The French team hinted that the car might not be the fastest at the beginning of the season, but they have focused on learning and reacting much more.
Last season, Alpine had a problem with a car that was unsuitable for many upgrades because of too much-added weight. So, in 2024, the team wanted to create a solid platform to add performance later on.
In 2023, Alpine finished far behind the top five teams, which were all pretty equally matched (excluding Red Bull). The team's main goal in 2024 will be to catch up with them.
Hinting their plans to bring many upgrades, Alpine might have been inspired by McLaren's strategy last year. The Papaya team started the 2023 season far behind everyone,
However, how they designed their car allowed them to bring significant and very effective upgrades, resulting in a massive jump in performance to the point where McLaren almost challenged Red Bull for the win a couple of times. Could the French team replicate this formula during the upcoming season?